Transitioning the blog... looking to the podcasting future...

Changing things up...

When Story Goggles moved over to its own site from Blogger, there was quite a bit of content lost. And honestly it was a little disheartening to lose all that work in the move. But, losing all of that content and having to almost start over really made me think about what I wanted to do with my site and the Story Goggles project.


Story Goggles will soon burst into glorious flames and emerge from the ashes as not a blog... but a podcast. A twice monthly cast about storytelling in genre fiction through all mediums. I'm hoping this lets me get some friends involved and ultimately delivers some more entertaining content.

The blog will still be here -- what few Story Goggles posts made it to this version of the project. But the blog will continue on as my personal blog.

I'll still be keeping the content related to genre fiction, literacy, writing, or similar topics.

I'm hoping to deliver the first Story Goggles episode within the next month. We'll record several episodes at a time of course, creating a buffer, so we can aim to deliver two episodes each month without fail.

I'm really excited to take the project to this new format, as I think it will be far more entertaining, reach a larger portion of our target audience, and really... just be a ton of fun.